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I am Anna Nagy, a Hungarian photographer living in Rome. I am also engaged with film editing and documentary filmmaking. 

I take photos since my childhood, both analog and digital. I’ve been always interested in experimental and old photo and stamp techniques as well, such as camera obscura, photograms or cyanography. I studied Aesthetics and Ancient Philosophy first, and, after getting my PhD in Rome, my attention shifted to professional Photography and Video Editing, which I studied in Rome (CSF Adams, Istituto Cine-TV Rossellini) and at the New York Film Academy for a while. 

In my work I often focus on people, and try to show what is unique in the person in front of the camera. While I use professional full frame cameras, I am convinced that it is the photographer’s attention which helps to make the most out of a picture.

Do you want to book a shooting session? Have an unique idea for shooting? Contact me and we will make it happen. I am fluent in english, italian, hungarian and french.