Other photo services

Affordable portrait photo sessions, photo books, theater and event photography in Rome

Planning a portrait session, your book, preparing a family occasion, a theatrical play or hosting some special event? I offer affordable and high-quality photos for every occasion. Let’s plan your session together!

Portrait session for women (25 pics)

Most women has never been professionally photographed in their life so they loose a nice occasion not only to show, but also to explore themselves. In her everydays a woman is strong and powerful, engaging, elegant, sensual, a true warrior… We have so much faces and  photocamera can be the best mirror to reflect these qualities. It’s not a question about being photogenic, it is about how confortable you feel in front of the camera. My job is exactly to make you find in tune with the shooting, helping you to find your confidence. If you feel beautiful, I know how to capture that and I am so happy to exploit your best side. Let’s celebrate where you are in your life right now!

Event photography

In every occasion, I am happy to tell your story by pics. Sometimes the photos are all that you can materially take away from that day. Having it professionally documented is not only a great way to ensure all the important moments are beautifully preserved, but it also gives you the freedom to focus on the event and enjoy yourself.


What I offer is not only a high quality shooting of your play. Being helped by a theatrical director, we can also work  with her on a brand new way to prepare your book. My shooting is a dynamic and dense way to show more emotions, more faces, more talent of yours, through classical, posed and astonishing, modern pictures. The same rule holds as for the portrait session: just feel yourself confortable, follow the director’s training and I will show the best of what you have inside.