Who I am

Professional portrait photo shoot in Rome

I am Anna Nagy, a professional photographer living in Rome. I am also engaged with film editing and documentary filmmaking. 

Hungarian born, living  in Rome since 2007. I made my studies at the first time in Aesthetics and Ancient Philosophy, and, after my PhD, in Photography and Editing, graduated in Rome and I also studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. I amazed by the cultural heritage of the Eternal City and tried to analyze or to record it in as many ways as I can. I have always tried to catch moments in which the past continues to live, documenting contemporary man in connection to the environment he lives, the distress or submersion he proves in it. 

I take photos since my childhood. First by analogue, now in digital form, with a full frame camera. I’ve been always interested in experimental and ancient photo and stamp techniques as well, such as camera obscura, photograms or cyanography. Recently I focused my attention to the visual representation of the meaningful and intimate relationship what each travelers’ uniquely build with Rome.  I would like to show the hospitality of Rome. It is a melting pot since the beginning of history.

Furthermore, I really value opportunities to hear the unique story of every traveler I take photos of, and I love to show them by my photos the way I see them.